What is EMR?

The “ensemble modèle réduit” is a collective of improvising musicians from the Leipzig area and originates directly from the “ZiXP” festival. The focus of our collaborative work is to expand the vocabulary of both material and form through our own and adapted concepts, performance instructions, and indeterministic scores. Engaging with artists such as Pauline Oliveros, Christian Wolff, Yoko Ono, John Cage, and Maryanne Amacher, along with intense rehearsals, shared listening, and ongoing discourse, has allowed the internal structure of the ensemble to evolve and enriched the conceptual depth of our music. The organizational form of the ensemble, as well as our music, aspires to the ideal of open-ended, self-determined, and non-hierarchical interaction among autonomous individuals.

Current line-up:
Andreas Nordheim, Cornet, Trumpet
Chris Weinheimer, Flutes, Viola
Cornelia Friederike Müller, Electronics
Gregor Forbes, Piano
Hannes Lingens, Percussion
Johannes v. Buttlar, Percussion
Ole Schmidt, Electronics
Pina Bettina Rücker, Quartz bowls
Sébastien Branche, Saxophone
Walburga Walde, Voice

Contact: emr[at]leipzixp.org


Upcoming performances

October 2024 Festival ZiXP in ZiMMT, Leipzig (TBC)

Audio and Video


EMR plays Christian Wolff

In 2021, the EMR was in residence as part of the concert series LiLe, thanks to the support of the Leipzig Cultural Office and the KdFS. The ensemble engaged extensively with the works, ideas, and concepts of composer Christian Wolff. Although a concert was not possible, the ensemble prepared a radio broadcast featuring various works by Wolff.